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"Heartbreaking in it's sympathetic and curiously affirmative humanity..." -SF Chronicle


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The Love & Loss Project 

Painting by Molly Millar

September 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2017

Nebunele is currently working on The Love & Loss Project in collaboration with Hospice of The Conejo, a forty year-old volunteer hospice located in the Conejo Valley of southern California. 

The Love & Loss Project is an interview-based theatre project centered around the true life stories of people who have lost their life partners. Over the course of a year, Nebunele artists* have worked with Hospice of The Conejo's grief support community to create this moving performance about living life in partnership, grief, love and resilience. 

*In collaboration with visual artist Molly Millar and musicians Rebecca Jackson and Tiffany Richardson from Sound Impact.