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Next Up From Nebunele:

Theatrepoems 2012

     Theatrepoems 2012 is a whole new kind of beast. Like Theatrepoems last year, we're calling together a crack team of collaborative artists to make short and brilliant bursts of theatre. UN-like last year, the theatre we're making is about you. We don't mean that metaphorically; we mean, it could be about you, specifically, if you let us.

     Many potential audience members answered the questions in this survey to put their story in the pot. We asked all of our audience who cared to answer to tell us, first: what is a poem (or other piece of short text) that you encountered in your life that made an impression on you? You know, those words you read or heard that stopped time or made you laugh in recognition or cracked you open right when you were busy closing the door on the world? And then please tell us: why? What was happening in your life right then that those words were what you needed to read?

     10 of these stories were selected by our all-star team of directors: Allegra Searle-LeBel, Armitage Shanks, Brendan Healy, Claytie Mason, Ian Stone, Juliet Waller Pruzan, Lena Eivy, Randy Dixon, Scotto Moore, and Valerie Mosely. Each director will be making an independent short piece of collaborative theatre based on the story that they chose, and the performance of that piece will be held only once, in either August or September, for the person who submitted the story and a very limited number of others. Only a few people will get to see each piece; we'll have a reservation system up beginning in August to nab the available seats.

     If you're a performer, playwright, or designer who's interested in participating in the creation of these very intimate works, please tell us about yourself via this link: More info is in the "Theatre Artists" tab above.

     See you in August...

In other news:

The Shame Project went beautifully! Here's a lovely two-minute video of the shame project midweek, before it burned: Many thanks to Mark Day for making it and Beth Haase for passing it along! And thanks to Michael Holden for this photo of our installation in the dust: