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"Nebunele" is a Romanian word that translates, literally, to mean "little crazies." It is used to describe the little red berries that one should not eat, and can be used metaphorically to mean "wild and crazy women."

Claytie Mason & Alissa Mortenson 2003

Nebunele was founded in 2005 by Alissa Mortenson and Claytie Mason. Their mission was simply to create original, ensemble-driven theatre in collaboration with artists that inspired them.

Since then, Nebunele has consistently redefined the limits of "the stage," crafting original performances everywhere from the indie theatres of Seattle, New York, and San Francisco, to hidden parks at sunrise, the tower of Riverside Church, the halls of a nursing home, or the playa at Burning Man.

With each new project, Nebunele starts from square one, deciding everything from where the show will be performed, to how (and sometimes whom) the audience will be. The venue and performances depend entirely on the artists and/or communities involved.

Nebunele continues to work with actors, visual artists, musicians, dancers, poets, writers, and directors from all over the world, supporting original theatre made in collaborative process. 


Some of the communities and artists Nebunele has collaborated with: Burning Man, San Francisco Divafest, eight women who share the name 'Ruth', Theatre for an Audience of One, Rob D'Arc Puppetry, children and families dealing with terminal illness, Sound Impact, The Vine Conference, New York, Boulder, and San Francisco Fringe Festivals, Bus 33 in Seattle, Hospice of the Conejo